TheGIERRE Impianti s.r.l It is a company dedicated for years to the design, construction and maintenance of civil electrical installations, industrial and home automation.

We are able to develop internally and the project, where provided by law, that the realization of the plant under all aspects out of even a floor plan, allowing the best solution given to each individual customer.

Our main activities can be summarized as:

  • design and construction, turnkey, complete electrical systems for condos and villas
  • industrial installations for factories and warehouses
  • renovation of apartments and houses
  • home automation systems and civil automations
  • terrestrial and satellite TV installations
  • Anti-theft systems and wireless
  • projects and job certifications in total respect of the D.M. 37/08 (ex L. 46/90)
  • revision of existing systems to allow certification
  • maintenance condos
  • construction equipment

All phases of our work are realized and supervised in total compliance with the regulations as regards both the execution itself, both as regards the safety of the user customer.


Our staff, trained and competent, will accompany you in all phases of production to delivery to the end customer with possible links of chandeliers, furniture and the like.